FREE webinar for 45 minutes with Todd Pallett & Alan Clarke recorded on the3rd of March 2017 revealing 4 REAL properties purchased for clients, their actual investment returns and a google map "walk through" the suburbs where they are found.  

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Watch the video above and see "real life" London properties (not glossy brochures) from a behind the scenes look with a London property expert(...and see the common formula for buying London property that outperforms the market average)

On the 3rd of March of 2017 Alan Clarke (Ark Property) discussed with (Todd Pallett of The Capital Company Group) about what is actually happening on the ground in the UK (more specifically London) when it comes to buying high grade property in high growth suburbs as predicted by Alan.

Alan was born and raised in the UK and commutes between his life in Asia (where he has lived for 16 years) and the UK to source residential property for expatriates.

Properties range from 525,000 GBP to 1,300,000 GBP and this discussion is great for existing UK property owners, clients interested in buying a new property or simply wanting to know more about the UK post Brexit. (Brexit has given a 10-15% discount for expats paid in USD dollars and converting to sterling).

Watch the 45 minute video above and collect your FREE "London Property Research Pack".

The video is not a fancy production but it is high in value and research.   Todd talking from his Hong Kong office and Alan speaking from his UK residence. Two different time zones but with technology these days and a quiet cup of tea they had a great discussion and captured it all.

VIDEO QUICK GUIDE - If you wish to race ahead to see what is important to you then see below a timeline for what you can watch

Start 0 to 4 minutes 25 seconds - Introduction

4 minutes 25 seconds - 2016 in review and what 2017 looks to bring in an era of Brexit and Trump

12 minutes 6 seconds - 2017 Historical Performance Report of 4 REAL properties purchased by Alan for his clients and what their values are today

12 minutes 32 seconds - Property 1: Tooley Street, London valued at 1,050,000 GBP

19 minutes 32 seconds - Property 2: Putney valued at 1,300,000 GBP

24 minutes 10 seconds - Property 3: Islington valued at 525,000 GBP

28 minutes 11 seconds - Property 4: Putney valued at 1,060,000 GBP

32 minutes 00 seconds - Theme for all 4 properties and what they have in common in terms of growing more than the market average

34 minutes 45 seconds - Corporate leases and tenancy agreements

36 minutes 39 seconds - Bad rental deals

37 minutes 07 seconds - Alan's strategy for avoiding property pitfalls

39 minutes 20 seconds - Starbucks versus a School in your location and which gives better long term value and growth

40 minutes 05 seconds - Alan's service fee and reporting tools

44 minutes 24 seconds - End

Bonus Free London Property Research Pack Valued at £149

How to select London property that doubles your wealth in minimal time...and outperforms the market average

There's great added value that Alan has put together to let you know more about the types of London property he advises for clients and their REAL returns.

1) The Official Prediction Guide to High Growth Suburbs in London for 2017 - How to select London property that doubles your wealth in minimal time

2) The Bad London Property Webinar - There is good, bad and downright ugly property but this webinar shows you the areas and actual properties that have lost value during the same period of time that London was booming

3) The 4 Biggest London Property Rip Offs...and how Expats should avoid them

4) 2017 Historical Performance Report -  A single page with google map links of the actual properties in the webinar above so you can look around on google maps yourself!

5) 2 x ARK Property Audit Reports -  Real reports showing all the analysis, maths and projections Alan did on 2 properties in London.  One for 635,000 GBP and the other for 1,525,000 GBP.  Comes with photos and details to show you the level of reporting you receive with ARK Property services.

Don't buy London property until you have read and watched everything in this pack.  It could save you thousands of! 

Contact Alan for a FREE 20 minute "Discovery Session" and ask anything you want without obligation

Alan Clarke has been involved in UK property for 15 years.  

Alan has seen hundreds of properties in London and written countless reports to advise clients on the best choice for their budget.  Dream homes, investment properties or simply opportunistic retirement planning using UK property for cash flow. 

I encourage you to get his information and then make contact to discuss your goals and his views on the London property market.  There is no cost until you engage Alan and he will explain his fees which are both transparent and aligned.

The initial discussion is nothing more than for you to ask any question you wish to ask without any obligation.  

No question is off limits and all discussions are held in confidence.

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